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Aaron Katsman interview Voice of Israel: Explaining Israel natural gas industry

POSTED BY AARON, 2:10PM 01.04.15

The Israeli Anti-Trust Authority announced that the deal struck by Yitzhak Tshuva and Noble Energy over Israel's natural gas discovery constitutes a monopoly and must be broken up. ... Read More

Aaron Katsman interview explaining Bank Leumi tax evasion settlement

POSTED BY AARON, 2:02PM 01.04.15

Bank Leumi, one of Israel’s largest banks, admitted to actively helping US clients with tax evasion. In a settlement deal, it agreed to pay $400 million in penalties and handed over customer details to US authorities. ... Read More

Are females financially illiterate?

POSTED BY AARON, 12:48PM 01.01.15

There is extensive research pointing to a lack of financial literacy among the general population and an exaggerated low level among women. Now, of course there are plenty of women who manage finances better than men. ... Read More

What is your risk profile?

POSTED BY AARON, 11:51AM 11.09.14

Financial advisers spend a lot of time trying to understand a client’s risk profile. They often employ questionnaires that ask a myriad of questions to try and pinpoint the time period of an investment, investment knowledge and how one would react in various market scenarios. ... Read More

Your investments: International generational wealth transfer

POSTED BY AARON, 10:41PM 11.02.14

With many parents in Israel for the holiday season visiting children and children here visiting parents, I have had many meetings with entire families as they try and create a plan to smoothly transfer their wealth to the next generation. ... Read More

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