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Pessah and teaching your kids about money

POSTED BY AARON, 1:40PM 04.10.14

The media and even posters decorating bus stops convey the message that if you spend money you will be happy. For this reason, it is even more important for us to teach our children financial responsibility. ... Read More

Passover cleaning: Your financial exodus

POSTED BY AARON, 12:35PM 04.03.14

Why not take advantage of this time of year and get yourself out from fiscal slavery and become financially independent? ... Read More

How to position your portfolio for higher rates

POSTED BY AARON, 2:24PM 03.27.14

If the Fed actually raises rates, the carnage could be worse. The question then is what to do? For the fixed-income allocation of the portfolio, the first tip is to go global. Believe it or not, investing in foreign bonds provides both value and stability. It’s all about the business cycle. ... Read More

Have you had the ‘retirement’ conversation with your spouse?

POSTED BY AARON, 11:03AM 03.20.14

I can’t emphasize enough the need to discuss these issues civilly, without blaming one another for overspending. It’s common that one person in the relationship may be focused more on saving while the other does a lot of the family’s spending. This means that from the get-go there is potential for conflict. Go out to a restaurant and start discussing these issues calmly. ... Read More

Investment knowledge is key

POSTED BY AARON, 2:19PM 03.13.14

As a financial adviser, I have often come across clients who think they really understand what they own and how conservative their investments are. But on reviewing their statements, we often find a vast difference between what the client thinks he has and the facts on the ground. ... Read More

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