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What is your risk profile?

POSTED BY AARON, 11:51AM 11.09.14

Financial advisers spend a lot of time trying to understand a client’s risk profile. They often employ questionnaires that ask a myriad of questions to try and pinpoint the time period of an investment, investment knowledge and how one would react in various market scenarios. ... Read More

Your investments: International generational wealth transfer

POSTED BY AARON, 10:41PM 11.02.14

With many parents in Israel for the holiday season visiting children and children here visiting parents, I have had many meetings with entire families as they try and create a plan to smoothly transfer their wealth to the next generation. ... Read More

Interview with Gil Hoffman: Investing in Israel

POSTED BY AARON, 10:26PM 11.02.14

I explained how to invest in Israel and the Start-up nation. Should you invest directly in Israel? Israeli stocks that trade in the US? The difference between the Israeli economy and Israeli ingenuity. ... Read More

How should a retiree gauge investment performance?

POSTED BY AARON, 10:09PM 11.02.14

I told him that the most important factor in all of this was whether he could sleep well at night. If he was scared about potentially losing a big chunk of his retirement money, he should lower his risk profile, sell stocks and move into cash until he was more comfortable. ... Read More

Yom Kippur, time for financial soul-searching

POSTED BY AARON, 10:05AM 10.02.14

I think that we can take this lesson and apply it to our financial life as well. After all, Yom Kippur is not just a day focused on the spiritual, but, as illustrated in the High Priest’s prayer upon finishing the service, physical needs as well. ... Read More

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