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Yom Kippur, time for financial soul-searching

POSTED BY AARON, 10:05AM 10.02.14

I think that we can take this lesson and apply it to our financial life as well. After all, Yom Kippur is not just a day focused on the spiritual, but, as illustrated in the High Priest’s prayer upon finishing the service, physical needs as well. ... Read More

Your Investments: Living longer

POSTED BY AARON, 12:39PM 09.23.14

This increased lifespan does not only affect our own generation, but also that of our parents, meaning that we may well need to help finance their later years. ... Read More

What to do with stock certificates?

POSTED BY AARON, 12:35PM 09.23.14

What Are Stock Certificates? In some ways, they are a relic of the past. Years ago, when an investor would purchase shares in a company, he would receive an actual certificate testifying to his ownership. ... Read More

Financial aliya: New olim, money tips from an experienced oleh

POSTED BY AARON, 3:06PM 08.14.14

I can’t tell you how often I have met Americans who made Aliya, neglected their finances and are now paying the price. Here are a few tips that will make your financial relocation a bit easier. ... Read More

World is a mess: How should you invest?

POSTED BY AARON, 2:25PM 08.07.14

Aside from Israel’s war with Hamas, Syrian genocide, Iranian nuclear proliferation, radical Islamization of Iraq, Russian’s shooting down a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine, massive but little reported human-rights abuses in Venezuela, the sieve that has become the US border and other issues, let’s not forget that the global economy has not rebounded from the financial crisis of five to six years ago nearly as strongly as anticipated. Throw in daily headlines about how the US stock market is so high a crash is imminent, and it’s no wonder that investors are nervous. ... Read More

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